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Restack helps businesses transition from outdated, on-premise and in-house technology to the latest cloud business models.

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Restacking your company's infrastructure is an efficient way to innovate and grow a sustainable business while taking care of the governance, risk and compliance.

Maximise the benefit of the cloud with the right platforms and technologies.

We analyse, update, upgrade and augment to what already works by moving these applications to the AWS cloud.


Future-proof business applications with next generation cloud architecture

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​​IT Executive Advisory
- CTO Office
- IT Strategy Planning
- Business Case Development

Adopting cloud technologies is a long term commitment and affects more than infrastructure and code.
Furthermore, motivating and articulating IT initiatives to non-technical board members can be difficult. Our experts can help you gain a better understanding of cloud technologies, identify which cloud hyperscaler best suites your business, help you decide whether you should go to the cloud, and motivate from a business perspective why.
We can also help you plan your entire IT strategy to optimize the benefits of the cloud, from modernization journeys, to operations planning, business and process automation, and agile adoption.

Cloud Solutions Architecture:
- Cloud Migrations
- Cloud Optimisations & Modernization
- Post-Merger Cloud Integration
- Backup & DR Strategy Planning

With prior experience helping customers from small businesses to large multi-national enterprises, our cloud solutions architects specialize in cloud technologies.
You've decided to move to the cloud, or have a large cloud optimization or modernization project looming? This is where our specialists can help you efficiently deliver a successful project following architecture best practises and drawing from a broad scope of practical experience.

Enterprise Architecture:
- Cloud Architecture Office
- Application Portfolio Management
- IT Asset Management
- EA Programme Management
- Architecture Repository Management

All successful IT initiatives require a clear understanding of your IT landscape. The same core understanding is required for implementing a successful security strategy, planning your backup and disaster recovery strategy, modernizing your IT landscape, or simply keeping you systems running optimally.
Using industry leading technologies, standards, and processes, and drawing from specialist experience in the field, our cloud enterprise architects can help you keep your IT landscapes up to date, and catalogued.
We also assist, guide, and advise on architecture best practises and help govern large IT initiatives.

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Take the first step to cloud adoption with our expert cloud consulting services

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The cloud offers businesses the ability and flexibility to scale with their needs.

It also provides a way for companies of any size to save money, but knowing where to start can be difficult.

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Protect your key assets by applying your resources and controls effectively, and in the right places

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Security assessment

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Cyber security

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The continued adoption of cloud platforms, along with the large number of cloud-native services being delivered across the globe, means it’s more important than ever to reduce your cyber risk exposure.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple!

The 3 objectives of effective cyber security:


Manage identities and access rights


Keep threats out of the organization’s ecosystem


Ensure data is sufficiently protected and appropriately handled

Restack achieves this through a risk management program that allocates the relevant engineering, analytical, forensic, auditing, and DevOps resources to your cloud security strategy on a flexible subscription model.

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All the benefits of cloud, none of the hassle

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Through our managed services, we’ll work with you to create an effective and efficient approach for exponential growth through organisation-wide adaptation of critical applications in line with current objectives.

We’ll effectively monitor and manage your workloads, optimize storage, resource usage and ensure security is built into your environment.

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